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    September 14, 2007


    Deb Abramson

    "Even though we're total strangers, I feel like we were separated at birth." :-)

    Seriously, though, I say inappropriate things all the time. I'm insanely competitive. I HAVE to be right. I'm brutally honest when honesty isn't what's really required. I've been told I'm mean. And just yesterday, I was wondering aloud whether I'm living in my own reality bubble unaware.

    But you must know that if you're wondering about whether you're crazy, it means you're not. And the fact that you wrote this post makes it clear that you're trying and reflecting and searching; those are some things mean people just don't do.

    Life is a challenge--often, if not always. I hope you feel better soon.


    We ought to have trading cards. "I'll give you one electroshocked suicidal grandfather for two secretly alcoholic great-aunts and one pedophile uncle by marriage." "Do you have any incestuous cousins? Or closeted OCD cases?"

    As for crazy, one of the classic symptoms of the Big P(anic disorder) is being convinced that you're nuts, no matter how many good decisions you make, no matter how rational you feel like you think you probably might be. Maybe. The most liberating moment of my life was realizing that I am fucked up, but not nuts. Which puts me waayyyyy ahead of the genetic odds here.

    And I'm going over right now to post about mean.

    Pollyanna Sunshine

    Oh, I've got a lovely set of genetic trading cards to play with, too. And I agree that thinking you're crazy is a pretty good sign you're not crazy.

    And you are SO not a stone-cold bitch. Nobody's perfect, and we all say and do things we regret, but there is all kinds of good in you and plenty of people can see it perfectly clearly.


    Now I want to change my blog name to Stone Cold Bitch. And get some kind of funky theme music.


    Crazy? No such luck my friend, no such luck. You're going to have to stick it out and keep working, keep trying and remember to laugh a lot and love a lot while you're at it.


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