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    August 28, 2007


    Deb Abramson

    Hey, Warren Wilson is the next town over from me! (Though, my goodness, there must be a zillion low-residency programs to choose from.)


    Yes, there are a lot to choose from. But Bennington and WW are widely regarded as the best.

    euphrosyne1115 (the enforcer)

    Oh please. It was marvelous. But the story kicked ass.

    paida/ Lauren

    Do it!

    paida/ Lauren

    I hope we get to see the uniforms!

    Apostol Apostolopoulos

    I'm holding my breath, cuz ya know if y'all go and do it, dang girl I got no excuses with ONE. But...BUT, I'll be damned if getting a fancy education is a decent excuse for leaving us hanging...we're WAITING here sister. Does that answer your question?

    wife soup

    Good for you!! You go Girl!!

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