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    August 07, 2007


    Deb Abramson

    But if it's true that they use less everything then you'd think they *would* have dryers--so they could buy less clothing and linens, as your neighbor explained. What is the culture's stated reason for not having dryers? And is it different from the real reason? Are they just used to air drying and saying, after the fact, that it's more virtuous? And if so, do they mean because it benefits the environment, or because denying yourself the comfort of machine-dried clothing is inherently virtuous?

    Whew. I worked up a sweat with that one.

    Anyway, I love the idea of shopping locally, going to specialty stores, buying what you need for that night's meal. And taking public transportation! Amen.

    Are you guys living without a car temporarily, or for the long haul?


    You know, I don't get that people here who don't have dryers feel virtuous, just that those that do think it's an amazing luxury. Like driving a Lexus or something. I don't know what the "cultural reason" is, really--I haven't been here long enough. It just seems like everyone's used to not having one. It struck me because for me, that feels like a really big deal, but no one here seems to think twice about it. And although my children still don't believe me, I think we are without a car for the long haul. I can't really imagine driving here yet, anyway--I still get confused about which way to look when I cross the street.

    Jonathon Morgan

    TOTALLY buy a dryer. I tried to live without one for years, but it's so damn DAMP (especially in every month that isn't July or August) that nothing ever dried. (Although I did notice the fan -- very clever.)


    It makes me feel wasteful even using my dryer in the hot dog days of August here in Austin. My clothing is practically dry before I pull it out of the washer...yet, I plop it right into the energy-sucking dryer.

    Food for thought.

    I love that different cultures prompt you (me, one, anyone) to question assumptions so deeply seated you didn't realize they were there at all.


    You are aware, are you not, that every time someone in Britain buys a clothes dryer, a twinkly-eyed, apple-cheeked, Dickensian washerwoman dies?

    Just a thought.

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