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    August 01, 2007


    Apostol Apostolopoulos

    Your descriptive style, what I've been looking forward to all I pack and plunder my way through this insanity..."Ooh, I hope she's written something!"
    My "Aunt" June, living in the garden district after she and my mother went separate ways, reading Ann Rice and pretending I was one of her exotic remind me of writers I adored in my childhood escapism of reading. Thank you for your passion.

    paida/ Lauren

    My paternal grandmother was born to 2 Italian immigrants in New Orleans. My daughter Aida is named after her. I can not believe I have never been there.

    My grandmother left New Orleans when she was quite young, because my great-grandfather, who immigrated from Naples alone at age 14, was in addition to being an Opera Fan {thus the name Aida} and a jeweler, was a compulsive gambler and lost everything they owned. My great grandmother announced one day that she and the kids were moving up North to Michigan where she had some family and he was welcome to stay in New Orleans or come with her as long as he never gambled again. He went with her, worked in an auto factory and according to family legend never gambled again.

    When I finally go I will find this blog post, print it and make sure I hit a high percentage of your choices.

    paida/ Lauren

    I forgot to mention that the rest of my genes come from very Protestant British and Scottish lines. Always having a more Latin temperament I was always quite fascinated with my Southern European roots.

    {However now that I married into a real Latino family I realize how my protestant I am! {ethnically not religiously} I don't cry at airports and I have personal space issues....}

    Thanks Family of Five - I feel mentally sort of cleansed. Cheaper than therapy!


    You realise, of course, that now you MUST to do a run-down of NOLA music venues. Keep up the good work.


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