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    July 23, 2007


    Pollyanna Sunshine

    Hooray for your arrival! It must be such a relief to have your own space after all the moving. Thinking of you, and looking forward to more reports from across the pond.

    Deb Abramson

    "Queued up"? You're already sounding like a Brit yourself! Sounds like everything has gone amazingly smoothly; either that, or you're way hardier and more laid-back than I am and can roll with it.


    Deb--I'm working on my British expressions, but I insist on saying them with my American twang. It's funny, if you say the American thing--"lined up," "bathroom" (instead of loo or whatever), "fries," etc. . ., people often honestly don't know what you mean, at least for a moment until it clicks. So, I'm willing to bend in the name of communication--


    Yay for you! So glad to hear you've arrived and are getting settled in-- I know it's been a *long* month for you.


    What I meant to say was: "Huzzah!"

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