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    July 24, 2007


    Lauren/ Paida

    Nothing better than feeling like mean mama, I can only imagine how the feeling must be multiplied exponentially when one is jet-lagged. I have not been jet-lagged with my kids, but I have been hung-over...

    How about the feeling after yelling "shut up!" at your kids? - if you have never experienced the aftermath of that statement let me tell you I felt like Dr. Sears was going to walk in any second for an intervention.

    It just occurred to me that for the hung-over analogy really to work the kids would have to be hung-over too. Wow now I really feel bad for you.

    Deb Abramson

    Give yourself a break, girl. I would expect nothing other than everyone being totally out of sorts for a while, given what you've been through. Er, that's supposed to make you feel better, not worse.

    Apostol Apostolopoulos

    By the time this comment reaches you, the horns will have been replaced by halo, the chickens will have stopped pecking, and some sense of normalcy will have returned. Now all you have to deal with is the dreaded "OMG Did I just move my family half way across the fucking world?" too shall pass. Only that my balls were as big as yours, and I whine about moving across the same housing edition...Pssst, I'm living through you, don't let me down:)

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