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    July 14, 2007



    I have never been to New Orleans, much to my sadness, but my paternal grandmother was born there to 2 Italian immigrants. My great-grandfather was a jeweler, but unfortunately was also a compulsive gambler who lost everything. My great-grandmother told him she was moving with the 2 kids to Michigan and he could come or not - but he had to stop gambling. He did and he spent the rest of his life working in car factories.

    Someday I will make it there and thanks to this post I know where I would stop first. I won't even think of asking for anything else than what you have on your table. Oh my God it looks amazing.

    Oh yeah thanks for your book tip. We will definitely get those books.


    Ahhhhhhhh, memories. My mouth is really watering right now-- have some for me!

    Deb Abramson

    I visited New Orleans for a long weekend 17 years ago (oh my god, how is that possible?) and remember going to Cafe du Monde. That coffee--with chicory, right?, and about a thousand teaspoons of sugar?--was like nothing I'd experienced before. I also remember the unbelievably thick heat (it was June), and how the maid at the B&B walked in on my boyfriend and me having sex.


    While in NO for my bachlorette party, we went to Cafe du Monde at like 4am and I left the penis sippy cup I had been carrying all nite there. I still remember that sippy cup fondly. Oh, and the beignets too.

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