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    July 25, 2007


    Deb Abramson

    That last line really got to me--what an amazing way to feel about what you're doing, and how much it must help you weather all the daily crises and disturbances. You are on an adventure, in both your interior and exterior worlds. Keep at it. It's inspiring.

    (Oh, and thanks for the link.)


    I love your list... I think a lot more thoughtful than mine. I am enjoying reading about your adventure, although I really miss you right now! Hopefully, we'll be able to come and visit you in the next few years.

    Glad to see that you are reading HP as well.

    Maybe all the change is getting to Ollie? He'll setting down, I'm sure. I guess that you've already told him that hitting isnt' nice?


    Nat--Sh#! I totally forgot to tell him that hitting isn't nice. I'll do that now.


    I love your list too - big thanks for the shout out. I have at least 3 the same as yours. After my "chickens" are in bed tonight I am going to write my own list.

    Pollyanna Sunshine

    Happy anniversary! And now I have to go be a lemming and come up with my own list....

    aaryn b.

    happy belated anniversary!
    loved reading your top ten list. especially the last bit. made me smile. made me happy for you.

    thanks for counting me as a friend.
    i feel lucky to count you as one.

    Apostol Apostolopoulos

    If I had enough mental energy to compose a top 10...your writing, joy and eager silliness would be upwards near the top. But...apparently I packed my mental energy with the silverware last night, sooo I'll just say thank you, and happiest of anniversaries darlin:)

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