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    June 25, 2007



    Brian and I are considering occasional attendance at some relatively harmless Christian church as a way to possibly inoculate Nora against the more virulent forms... it's a tough call. Organized religion of almost any type gives me the itch.


    Followed a link from Ruby Soho - I really enjoy your blog.

    I just had to comment because I was raised by an agnostic mom and an atheist dad and I loved going to vacation bible school with our neighbors in the summer. As a kid {even an older one} I had no idea what a big deal Jesus was to other people. I just thought it was something my grandparents and other people believed in and our family didn't. My dad told me Christianity was just like the Greek Myths in a book I got one year for my birthday - that made sense.

    All through school I didn't really know what I believed in - I guess I still kind of don't. My husband was raised Catholic in Mexico and although now he feels distant from the church for him religion is tied up with his cultural heritage so I try not to disrespect that when talking about God w/ my kids. Sometimes my 9 year old asks me if I believe in God and I tell her I don't really know. Last year a girl at school told my eight year old that people who are not baptized go to hell. {I guess you will find lovers of Jesus everywhere} I told her we definitely DON'T believe in THAT to which she replied, "yeah I thought that was pretty stupid."

    I think you are right. At first I was mad about the girl in my daughter's class - but after reading your post I realized it actually started a great discussion. At least for now my daughter takes my word more than her peers at school. Hmmm I wonder how many years of that I get to enjoy. 2, 3 ???


    I love the picture of the Virgin Marys in the Walmart parking lot.

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