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    June 21, 2007


    aaryn b.

    Ah, the mother-daughter conundrum. I have the exact same feelings toward my mother but in different areas. Cooking isn't my mother's strong point. I just read that to my husband and he said, "Wow. You can't relate at all, huh?" So you see, you're not inventing the wheel here either. That's all I can say to let you know it's alright. I get it.

    I have to agree with both you and your mother (Ollie?) about the food we eat. I tend to lean toward your thinking. I buy organic as much as possible, shun processed boxed foods and aim to feed my girl healthy meals. But there also has to be some give and take, a little fun in life and damn it all to hell if a Filet-O-Fish isn't totally awesome when you're stuck in an airport. In the end, I believe Bill Maher has it right when he says, "The call is coming from inside the house."

    Keep on, keepin' on girlfriend. You're a good mom. A good wife. And a good daughter. This is all the normal stuff of life.

    Oh, and Sam says to enjoy the boiled meat and spotted dick once you get to London! Ha!

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