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    June 01, 2007


    Tim Dawg

    This crap has been going on for awhile now. Like you, I initially got riled up. Now I think that as humans we have great bullshit detectors (they've kept us alive for centuries), and so when someone's reading us a script or selling us on some gizmo we'll know. Deep down it will seem weird. And then we'll put that person on the "keep at an arm's length" list.

    Perhaps even more frightening is the simple fact that media really dictates many of our thoughts and actions. Tough to see a way around that--we need media to find out what's going on--but I guess regular gut checks about our beliefs and wants can help.

    This is why I get the red ass when some company lies to me, and why I try to make what I write as truthful and helpful as possible. Someone's attention is precious--better to show you value it than take advantage.

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