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    June 30, 2007


    Lauren/ Paida

    Sorry you are having a rough time. If you need some comic relief get the DVDs of the Showtime show "Weeds". It is fabulous. One of the story lines involves 3 generations of mother - daughter dysfunction. My husband and I watched the first 2 DVDs over the last 2 days.

    I guess all we can do is work on our own relationships with our daughters and build towards the future - where I hope when they come and visit us our homes they are given a wonderful peaceful refuge from the rest of their lives. I hope my daughter Aida never has to feel like she must tippi-toe around me.

    With out knowing the specifics of your situation (but that won't stop me from commenting!) it seems like she (your mom) is working out her own shit and dragging you into it. I would just make a stab that she feels guilty about something - that brings out the ugly in a mama. Again, sorry you are having a rough time. I think it is all the Bush karma floating around Texas.


    I wish you'd give me a call while you're still within reach.


    It's not easy, trying to get along with mothers. I guess she was bolstered by your good day together and thought that it was the *perfect* to get deeper. Although it's not easy, try to hold on to the good times you had together that day. And remember that it's only a short time until you leave for London.

    Hang in there--love you lots!

    aaryn b.

    Ummm...are you sure your not having a mother-daughter relationship with MY mother? Like, are you absolutely, positively sure? Because I'm beginning to think you might just be me, staying with my mother. Seriously. I could have written this blog post.

    Hang in there. Keep writing, keep taking pictures. Remember: nothing is forever. Nothing.

    Will respond to your last email when I have the necessary amount of time. In other words, enough time to do it justice. ;)

    Sending thoughts in your direction...

    aaryn b.

    And by the way, Meena needs these:

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