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    June 16, 2007


    aaryn b.

    I've been thinking about it since you first told me of your move. I've cried at your photos and now at your writing. I'm amazed that you haven't cried your way through this entire process. I would have thrown myself at the feet of Gary and Ivan, begging for socket wrenches like my life depended on it, leaving my salty tears on their welcome mat. They would have had to peel me off the ground, carry me into their kitchen, mix me a martini, hand me a joint and promise to visit me soon. I so feel your pain. And I haven't ever been there.

    Keep writing it down. It will help you, I'm sure of it.

    Tim Dawg

    Keep at it. You're almost there. You've managed an amazing feat. I guess it just goes to show how much we can surprise ourselves. London will be better for you being there.

    If you need some smiles (or maybe some future Schadenfreud), think of Nat and me with our new baby girl and baby boy. Yes, that's right, we've hit for the cycle. The little beasties are 5-inch action figures at the moment, full of movement and growing like weeds. Mom is tired yet feeling better.

    Some days I wake up to this woman full of energy, with a thousand plans and bright smiles, and I think, "Oh, you're back." Then she's tired for a day, and I sympathize with the up and down nature of it all.

    Sorry we didn't step up and help more. I've got to admit you guys leaving really bummed us out. But we'll do our best to come visit in London. And we absolutely demand some QT when you visit the States.


    pollyanna sunshine

    So true, and moving. We just moved 3 miles across town, but from the house where we were married and brought our baby home and actually the first house we ever owned together. We went back to the old house the day before the closing to swim one last time in the pool (where I lived for the entire last month of my pregnancy and was the only place I felt human and yet free from gravity), eat pizza on the patio, and pick a few last oranges to take back to the new house.

    But although there is no pool at the new house (and may be someday but not anytime soon), there are lemons, and a big patch of grass for the little one to run in, and at least 5 fabulous kids playing baseball in the culdesac, and pomegranates just starting to ripen. You will feel at home again. I promise. The really important things, you take with you.

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